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Hi, my name is Marie and I am the owner and creator behind  “Creative Creations by Mariee”. Since I was little, I have always loved doing arts and crafts and later in high school and college, took many art classes. Being “creative” is something I have always enjoyed!


But how did Creative Creations by Mariee start?

While I was working an overnight job in 2017, I needed something to do while keeping my schedule on my nights off, and not waking everyone else in my house up… Little did I know, that the thing keeping me busy would one day turn into a business. I slowly started having friends ask for me to make them stuff and from there it evolved and continues to evolve everyday. I started with 1 Cricut machine and some cheap vinyl from Amazon. I know have 3 cutting machines, 2 heat presses, a sublimination printer, a laser printer and some more in the works.


Creative Creations by Mariee is a small town, local business catering to making things you envision come to life! I have made a number of unique and custom pieces along with some others that are more streamline. I pride myself on quality work and having an eye for detail. With some help from my family, I make all the products in my home. Every piece is handmade and unique. I always tell people, just because you do not see something on my Facebook, Instagram or website, does not mean I cannot make it… If you saw something or have an idea in your head, we can go back and forth and put something together.


Enough about me, let’s get creating… take a look at the other pages on this website to see what I have done!

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